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Quality policy of VUNAR Product a. s.
The Quality Policy is laid down in the strategic plan and is manifested by the recognition of the top management that VUNAR Product, a.s.
is a reliable partner of automobile industry
all over Europe.
Our reliability is a result of expertise, willingness and competence of our staff and the quality management system.
  • We therefore build our system of quality management in accordance with the international standard STN EN ISO 9001:2000 and we are committed to a permanent improvement of its effectiveness.
  • We therefore take care of our staff, we provide stable employment and continueosly improving the working conditions.
  • We therefore endeavour to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, to meet their requirements and to continuously improve their satisfaction.
  • We therefore develop stable and mutually beneficial partnerships and business relations with suppliers, organizations, people in the region and we take care to enhance the credit of our organization.
  • To that end we constantly develop our resources and strive to increase the satisfaction of the owners.
In order to ensure constant improvement the top management of VUNAR Product, a.s. regularly review the quality management system.
The Quality Policy was declared on the General Assembly of the employees of VUNAR Product, a.s. on 3 January 2005.