engineering products for automobile industry
tools for drilling, milling and lathe-turning
engineering products for brake systems of transport vehicles
clamping sets and systems
tool steel thermal treatment in protective atmosphere
metrological services
machine list
VUNAR Product, a.s. was established in 2004. It has continued in the activities of VUNAR, a.s. in the production of monitoring, gauging and positioning tools for car industry on one hand and in the activities of the Výskumný úrad náradia (Tool Research Institute ) “VUNAR“, which had been doing research and development of devices and tools for the automobile industry since 1968.
Official seat of the company:
Nové Zámky, a town with a population of over 45.000, situated 100 km from Bratislava, 150 km from Vienna and 120 km from Budapest is the place of official seat of the company. Mentioned above. The town Nové Zámky has very good road and railway communications, providing for easy access.
Main business activities:
Development and production of engineering products and providing services
Number of employees: